Save the date! 23, 24, 25 October 2017 at Resource for London, N7 6PA. We are pleased to announce that, due to a high level of interest and demand, this year for the first time the THET Annual Conference will be held over three days.


What contributions is the UK making to global health? The Conference will feature over seventy speakers representing a broad spectrum of backgrounds in global health and development. The event is designed to enhance knowledge transfer between experts and participants, as well as to promote collaborative learning. Whereas health partnerships remain the lens through which we observe the development world, in 2017 we take a broader look at the challenges we are facing in global health and how the NHS is responding. 

Overall the event is expected to welcome over 600 delegates from across the NHS and the global health sector.  

Early bird tickets available soon, check this page and our social media for updates!


Day 1

The health partnership approach continues to attract good support from the UK government, establishing it as one of the defining UK contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals. But how familiar are you with the government’s priorities and how is this being progressed by your colleagues across the health partnership community? Day 1 will be an ideal opportunity for you to learn more about the funding agenda for DFID and how health partnerships are adjusting the way they work. Participants will be able to attend workshops run by partners who have completed their projects in 2017 as well as unpack the thinking described in the recent external evaluation conducted by DFID.

We expect that by the time of the Conference, an announcement about the future of the Health Partnership Scheme as well as more information about the new scheme will be available. 

If you are attending Day 1, we also advise you attend Day 2.


Day 2

Day 2  will put you in touch with some of the most inspiring and well-informed speakers in global health. The day will give you a clear view of what the current challenges in global health are, from the spread of new viruses to the appointment of the new Director General of the World Health Organization, and how the NHS is mobilizing to meet these challenges. Alongside inspirational keynote speakers you will be able to interact with like-minded colleagues and leave feeling fluent in the issues that matter as we work to deliver universal health coverage to every citizen.


Day 3

Do you work in the NHS? Are you looking to get more involved in global health activities? Day 3 is an opportunity for you to spend time with some of your most experienced colleagues following a structured programme of workshops built around THET’s Principles of Partnership which draw together five+ years of experience across 200 projects. You will end the day with a firm grasp of what working in a health partnership involves and with a strong insight in to some of the theory and practicalities of volunteering in low and middle-income countries.

If you are attending Day 3, we also advise you attend Day 2.