Helathcare in pakistan

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Annual Review 2011

Conference Final Agenda

Innovative workforce development: the case for international health links

HSJ Innovative workforce development: the case for international health links

Files for Download

Pensions Support Application Form

Making Equipment Donations

DHL Shipments

Zambia BME Needs Assessment Report

Zambia BME Needs Assessment Report

Feed the Minds: Cross-organisational Learning

Stroke Checklist

Stroke Info Spreadsheet

How to start a health partnership

A summary guide to starting a health partnership, containing links to resources and ways to get involved in the health partnership community.

Grant Overview - Additional Support

Tailored Pre-departure Training

PIPs Grant Overview

Application Form Med PIP

Budget Template Med PIP

Application Guidelines Med PIP

Volunteer Bursary Application Form

Large PIP Workshop Flyer

Large PIP Budget Template

Volunteer Bursary Budget Template

Volunteer Bursary Overview

Large PIP Grant Overview

Large PIP Grant Application Form

Start up Grant Overview

Start up Grant Application Form

Eligibility Criteria

Round 1 MCP eligibility Criteria


MCP Round 1 Concept Paper Guidelines

MCP2 Overview

MCP Round 2 grant overview

LTV eligibility statement

Long Term Volunteering full statement of eligibility

LTV guidelines

Long Term Volunteering Concept Paper guidelines

MEG overview

FAQs for HPS Extension Funding

Funding Flow Chart

Project Outline

Extension Funding Overview

Grant Overview Start ups

Start-ups Application

Grant Overview

Outcomes Measurement


Grant Overview Start Ups - V2

Grant Application: Start-ups V2

Grant overview Start-ups V2 pdf

Grant Overview Additional Support Round 2

Project Outline Round 2

Gender Questionnaire

EASL gender questionnaire

Start-up Grant Overview V2

Start-up Application Form V2

Framework & Guidelines (IPC)

Grant Overview SPC

Project Outline SPC

CAMH vfm case study summary

CAMH VFM case study - full

COOL VFM case study summary

COOL VFM case study - full


APPS Situation Analysis

IPCAT Hospital

Rapid IPCAT Hospitals

IPCAT National

Rapid IPCAT Nationals

Project plan template

How to complete a project plan

Lessons learned Dylan Bould