Glan Clwyd – Hossana Link Fields of work: Core medical and surgical services; infrastructure and training; ophthalmology at Yir Galem

Fields of work Ophthalmology
UK Partner Glan Clwyd Hospital
Developing Country Partner Nigist Eleni Mohammed Hospital
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The link was set up in 2005 under the auspices of the Tropical Health Education Trust. Glan Clwyd hospital, as part of Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board, is a medium sized district general hospital in central North Wales. Hossana hospital is a four storey 200 bed general hospital in southern Ethiopia, built in 1984, and serving 1.5 million people with very limited resources.

The aims of the link are to establish and maintain friendships between staff in our two institutions, to provide mutual education, and to increase health care capacity in Hossana through assisting with teaching and training, provision of medical and teaching equipment, and through infrastructure projects. Further information is available on our website:

Accordingly, activities in Hossana have been many and varied:

1. Glan Clwyd staff have run training and teaching programmes in obstetrics, trauma, paediatrics, and infection control for Health Officers and Masters students in emergency surgical and obstetric care. Jointly with the local sanitarian in Hossana, we have funded a local infection control course.

2. Staff at Glan Clwyd have raised funds to purchase and take out educational material (CDs, books, projectors, laptops etc), and jointly agreed medical equipment (oxygen concentrators, pulse oximeters, theatre suction units, theatre monitors, hot cots etc) for key aspects of work in Hossana. Other items of medical equipment have been able to be sourced in Ethiopia with funding from the link (dental equipment)

3. Infrastructure projects have included joint funding of renovation of staff residences, construction of incinerators, a placenta pit, provision of a small diesel generator, and a professional review of the broken lift.

4. The main infrastructure project has addressed the lack of water and the blocked and broken sewage system. Working jointly with WaterAid Ethiopia, local water engineers and Hossana hospital staff, and with advice from UK water engineers, we developed a plan and raised funds in the UK for construction of a 4 storey 50 cubic metre water tower and renovation of the entire hospital sewage system in Hossana. Total costs were £55,000, of which £36,000 was provided by funds raised by Ethiopia Link within Glan Clwyd Hospital and from other supporters both locally and further afield; the local Hadiya Health zone in Hossana provided the residual funding.

Water tower at Hossana
Water Tower at Hossana

Reciprocal Visits

Visits to the UK by partners from Hossana have also taken place and have involved awareness raising, teaching of staff in Glan Clwyd hospital about health care in sub-Saharan Africa, experience in various departments of the hospital, and also attendance at an acute trauma life support course.

 Ophthalmic Link

A further link has evolved between the eye department in Stanley Eye Unit at Abergele hospital in central North Wales and the Eye Clinic in Yir Galem hospital, which supplies ophthalmic outreach to Hossana hospital. Several visits have taken place of UK staff to Yir Galem, with training provided to ophthalmic nursing and medical staff in a wide variety of important ophthalmic and orthoptic topics. Reciprocal visits have also occurred, with opportunities provided for special training for visiting staff in the Stanley Eye Unit.

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