Year Established: 2007

Fields of work Maternal/Child Health
UK Partner Cambridge University Hospital
Developing Country Partner National Maternity Hospital
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Cambridge University Hospital’s Link with the National Maternity Hospital in San Salvador and Ministry of Health was established in 2007. Over the last 3 years the relationship between Cambridge University Hospitals, in particular the Rosie Hospital and the National Maternity Hospital, has grown from an initial inter-personal level to an institutional level between the two hospitals. There is now strong governmental support from the Minister of Health in El Salvador who has signed a Letter of Intent with Cambridge University Hospital and Addenbrooke’s Abroad in November 2009. The Link is led by a Fetal Medicine Consultant from the Rosie Hospital, Cambridge currently on a long term volunteer placement in El Salvador.

A programme of joint activities has been developed between El Salvador and Cambridge University Hospitals focusing on three objectives:

  1. To reduce maternal mortality with identification of the underlying factors, implementation of pathways and teaching/supervision structures, and development of primary health care structures in communities.
  2. To reduce female mortality particularly caused by cervical cancer by introducing a screening programme and improved treatment options, and developing primary health care facilities in the community.
  3. To reduce neonatal mortality caused by premature delivery by identifying underlying causes and developing health care structures in the community.

In October 2011, a course will be run at the National Maternity Hospital in El Salvador focusing on management of obstetric emergencies to be delivered by a multi disciplinary Addenbrooke’s Abroad team. The course will involve joint work between the AA team and the healthcare staff in El Salvador to define clear patient pathways to ensure safer patient care.  This joint work will model effective multidisciplinary work.

This Link is supported by the Wellbeing of Women charity

Contact Details

Mrs Evelyn Brealey
Addenbrooke’s Abroad Project Manager

Box 126
Cambridge University Hospitals
United Kingdom

Tel: CB2 0QQ