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The South Sudan Medical Journal (SSMJ) was started in February 2008, as the Southern Sudan Medical Bulletin (SSMB), a joint venture between Southern Sudanese and British doctors who wanted to make a free, accessible journal for all branches of healthcare in South Sudan. On the 16th April 2009 the SSMB became a charity and was renamed the Southern Sudan Medical Journal.

Our vision is to see well trained, skilled professionals delivering high quality healthcare to the population of the Southern Sudan. Our mission is to inform, educate and positively influence the development of healthcare services in Southern Sudan.

The SSMJ is staffed by people who have many years of experience with the country’s healthcare system and half of the staff, including the Project Lead, were Southern Sudanese. As a result the journal rapidly became very popular; it is now read by healthcare professionals and non-government organisations throughout the Southern Sudan.

In January 2010 the direction of the SSMJ changed. Southern Sudanese doctors, frustrated by the lack of skilled medical practitioners in their country, designed a new curriculum for postgraduate training that would build capacity in medicine. The proposed curriculum was immediately endorsed by the government and a Director of Medical Education for Southern Sudan was created. However there were two problems with the curriculum:

  • There were NO educational tools to prepare for curriculum assessments such as the Royal College exams. Without these trainees would not be able to progress
  • There was little experience with postgraduate medical education

The Director of Medical Education approached the SSMJ for assistance who offered support in the following areas:

  • The development of an online Learning Zone that would provide the educational tools that were essential for trainees to pass assessments and progress through higher training
  • Sending trainers and educationalists to the Southern Sudan to offer assistance with the proposed postgraduate training programme

The SSMJ is in the perfect position to deliver these goals. Firstly, we have extensive experience in medical education. Secondly our governance structure has led to a much deeper understanding of the healthcare needs and cultural values of the people we are in partnership with.

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The SSMJ is now looking to secure grant funding so that it can continue developing the journal andassist the Southern Sudanese doctors in creating their own postgraduate medical training programme.

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St Mary's Hospital
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Dr Wani Mena

Juba Teaching Hospital
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