Fields of work Ophthalmology
UK Partner Moorfields Eye Hospital
Developing Country Partner Siteki Hospital
Contact Elizabeth Mercer Moorfields Eye Hospital London

This Link is a specialist Vitreo-retinal Link.  The Club Jules Gonin VISION 2020 Links Programme is administered through the VISION 2020 Links programme.  The VISION 2020 Links programme, established by the International Centre for Eye Health in 2004, aims to increase the quality and quantity of eye training in low income countries by developing sustainable eye links with a suitable UK partners.  Find out more at

The CJG V2020 link differs from the institution-to-institution links in that these links are between individual CJG surgeons to other surgeons in need of VR training overseas.  The following countries have established partnerships:  Zdenek Gregor and Swaziland; David Charterer and Ghana; Arthur Mueller and Tanzania.

Contact Details

Dr Zdenek Gregor
Consultant Ophthalmologist

Moorfields Eye Hospital







Dr Jonathan Pons
Consultant Ophthalmologist

Siteki Hospital