Botswana-Addenbrooke’s Abroad Established: 2007

Fields of work Paediatrics
UK Partner Cambridge University Hospitals
Developing Country Partner Princess Marina Hospital
Contact Mrs Evelyn Brealey Addenbrooke’s Abroad Project Manager Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Box 126 Cambridge CB2 2QQ Tel: 01223 274878

Cambridge University Hospitals link with Botswana was established in 2007, and in March 2009, an agreement for our Link was signed with the Ministry of Health. Initial assessment visits showed that Cambridge University Hospitals (CUH) and the Botswana healthcare services are appropriately matched in terms of numbers of healthcare staff and population covered.

The focus of our Link is the Princess Marina Hospital in Gaborone, which is the main teaching hospital for the country’s first and only medical school. As well as the Princess Marina, we work closely with the University of Botswana and the Ministry of Health; as a result our Link has the potential to have national impact.

To date our activities have included:

  • Preliminary assessment visits to Botswana and to Cambridge,
  • Exchange visits to Cambridge University Hospitals by colleagues at the Princess Marina Hospital and delegations from the Botswana Ministry of Health
  • Visits by staff and students of Cambridge University Hospitals to Botswana

At the Princess Marina Hospital, we have established active partnerships between the following departments:

  • The ophthalmology departments
    • Nationwide Diabetic Retinopathy Project (established in June 2009)
    • Development of Paediatric Eye Services

This link is a specialist eye link and is part of the WHO VISION 2020 Links programme (see additional information for more details)

  • The intensive care units
    • Current focus on improving infection control


  • Maxillofacial and dentistry units
    • Surgeons from CUH offer support to the single maxillofacial surgeon with regular visits aimed at dealing with complex cases and upgrading skills

  • Emergency units
    • Two Emergency Physicians have visited PMH to teach trauma management


  • Paediatric departments
    • Following two assessment visits by a Neonatologist and Paediatric Intensivist we have launched a project delivering neonatal nurse specialty training to improve quality of care of babies in neonatal unit.

The activities of all departmental links are detailed within a programme of work agreed by Addenbrookes Abroad and the Princess Marina Hospital.

With the University of Botswana:

  • We have provided expert input into curriculum planning for the medical school
  • We are contributing to an international expert panel advising on the management and financing of the new teaching hospital.

With the Ministry of Health

  • Botswana Healthcare Leadership and Management Programme Addenbrooke’s Abroad is providing expertise and facilitation to the Ministry of Health to develop a training and development programme to raise standards of healthcare leadership and management in the Botswana healthcare system. This project is funded by the US President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS relief (PEPFAR).
  • We are also working to develop facilities management.

Link Requests

Paramedic Training to upgrade the Ambulance Service at Princess Marina Hospital

Princess Marina Hospital wishes to establish a 6 month programme in Botswana to upgrade the skills of their Basic Ambulance Attendants and has asked for help in identifying an institution that might be able to support the establishment of this training.

Please contact

Contact Details

Mrs Evelyn Brealey
Addenbrooke’s Abroad Project Manager

Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Box 126

Tel: 01223 274878







Mr Jack Mkubwa

Princess Marina Hospital

Additional Information

This link is a specialist eye link and is part of the VISION 2020 Links programme. The VISION 2020 Links Programme was established by the International Centre for Eye Health in 2004 and aims to increase the quantity and quality of eye training in low income countries by developing sustainable eye links with a suitable UK partner. 

Find out more at

VISION 2020: The Right to Sight is a global programme established by the World Health Organization and International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness to eliminate avoidable blindness worldwide. One of the three core components of VISION 2020 is the development of skilled and competent human resources. The Links Programme is a perfect fit with the aims of VISION 2020 and will contribute by strengthening ophthalmology training in low income countries.