PONT-Mbale Link Established: 2004

Fields of work Maternal/Child Health
UK Partner Pontypridd
Developing Country Partner Mbale
Contact Dr Geoff Lloyd Tel: +44(0)1443 490360 geofflloyd@talktalk.net

Health Links were established as part of PONT – a multi-sector linking strategy of the local governments; healthcare providers and civil society in Mbale and Pontypridd. The link’s healthcare activities focus mainly on community health improvements in Mbale district. We have active committees in Primary Care, Hospital and Ambulance trusts. We aspire to help the region of Mbale achieve all 8 Millennium Development Goals by 2025.  We also have active committees for schools, churches, environment, engineering, orphan support, livelihoods, council and police links.

Current activities

  • Hospital Link Endoscopy Unit. Recent visit delivered further training. Developing distance learning and mentoring / second opinion service using photographs by email. Planning further service development.
  • Primary Care Link have trained 510 Village Health Workers. Supports CPD and support supervision. Distribution ITN bednets. Ambulance team - MIERS lead . Provision 3 motor cycle ambulances and training for 6 riders. Over 200 clinic officers, midwives TBRAs and Village Health Workers trained in emergency recognition and call out. 15 bicycle ambulance trailers commissioned for  local manufacture by PONT training machine shop.
  • Hospital link Emergency Department upgrade and training. Scoping visit Nov 2010,  4 week training aand implementation visit March 2011.
  • Maternal Health link: hospital obstetric link; district rural clinics and community links support training midwives and Traditional Birth Referral Attendants (TBRAs) in Safe Motherhood.
  • Mbale Integrated Emergency Response Service (MIERS) pilot launched end November 2010.

Link Requests

Large grants to train an additional 1,500 village Health workers.
Another 84,000 mosquito nets (we have distributed 16,000 so far).
Up to 1,000 bicycles for village health workers.

Contact Details

Dr Geoff Lloyd

Tel: +44(0)1443 490360




Apollo Mwenyi
Chairman Mbale PONT

PO Box 1332
First Baptist Church


Website: www.pont-mbale.org.uk