Editing profile

To edit your Profile click Edit tab.

The Title and Description fields are there at the top. Fill each of them out appropriately. There is a Change note field at the bottom, also a standard input that is very useful for storing helpful memos describing changes to a document as you make them.

The middle panel, Body Text, is where the action is for pages. The software used for making Profile, generically called visual editor and specifically a tool called TinyMCE, is a most important feature allowing you to do WYSIWYG editing. WYSIWYG editing -- What You See Is What You Get -- describes how word processing software works. When you make a change, such as setting a word to bold, you see the bold text immediately.

Please use following manual to learn TinyMCE: http://plone.org/documentation/manual/plone-4-user-manual/using-tinymce-as-visual-editor

Publishing profile

In the upper right corner of the edit panel there is a menu on the right for publication state. This state menu has settings for controlling publication state.

The header for the menu will show the current publication state for the content item, such as State: Private. Private is the initial state - the Profile will generally not be available to visitors to the web site.  The Submit for publication menu choice will publish Profile after its approval.

Adding image

When you are ready to upload an image, use the Add new... drop-down menu. After clicking to add an Image, you'll see the Add Imagepanel including three input fields:

  • Title - Use whatever text you want, even with blanks and punctuation.
  • Description - Always a good idea, but always optional. Leave it blank if you want.
  • Image - The Image field is a text entry box along with a Browse... button.  You don't have to type anything here; just click the Browse button and you'll be able to browse you local computer for the image file to upload (Remember: You need to remember where you keep your images on your computer).

For images, at a minimum, you will browse your local computer for the image file, then click Save at the bottom to upload the image to the web site. You'll have to wait a few seconds for the upload to complete (or a minute or so, if you have a slow Web connection). A preview of the uploaded image will be shown when the upload has finished.

Adding file

To add a File choose file in the Add new... menu.

Click the Browse button to navigate to the file you want to upload from your local computer. Provide a title (you can use the same file name used on your local computer if you want). Provide a description if you want. When you click the save button the file will be uploaded to the folder.

Example file types include PDF files, Word documents, database files, zip files... -- well, practically anything.  Files on a Profile are treated as just files and will show up in contents list, but there won't be any special display of them. They will appear by name in lists and will be available for download if clicked.