Year Established: 2001

This link has developed out of a link set up between 2 parishes, St Luke Formby, Merseyside and St Mark Shyira, Rwanda in 2001 and a registered charity has now been set up Through the past five years Shyira has received a lot of support through the people of St. Luke’s and their friends. The maternity hospital has been rebuilt and staff training is taking place. Among other things there has been support for safe motherhood, poverty relief through repairs to school buildings, sponsorship of children in schools, replacement of child headed family homes, and a chicken farming project for HIV/Aids patients.  The head of Midwifery Education has been involved since the start of this link with particular emphasis on the maternity hospital.  As the maternity hospital has no midwives; a scholarship has been established for a nurse from the maternity hospital to train as a midwife at Kigali University – 3 year programme.  Training is an ongoing process in the materrnity hospital with visits to help with this.

Contact Details

Mrs Jane Morgan
Head of Midwifery Education & Women’s Health

Midwifery Dept.
Faculty of Health
L39 4QP

Tel: 01695 650765








Dr Caleb King
Shyira District hospital
BP 26