Year Established: 2011

Through the M alawi- Liverpool THET link a team of gastroenterologists ( Dr Hendrickse , Dr O Toole,Dr Geraghty ) and endoscopy nurse Sr Fitzpatrick) visited Lilongwe ( Kamuzu Central Hospital) and ran a basic skills in endoscopy course for surgical  Trainees. We worked with the local team in  further developing the endoscopy unit, to help improve endoscopy services for the local population. The local team ( Dr sMuyco, Miao, Ibrahim , Mulima and endoscopy nurses Phambala, Jiya, Botha Ngwira worked closely with the Blackpool team( Hendrickse , Fitzpatrick)    in teaching endoscopy and carrying out therapeutic procedures including oesophageal stenting and banding of varices .We also visited Dae Yang Luke hospital in Lilongwe with the hospital director Dr Lungu , and helped with further endoscopic procedures. We are very keen to establish  close  links with the Lilongwe hospitals, to help train endoscopy trainees and nursing  staff and help establish an endoscopy training centre there  carrying out a full range of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for the local population .

We have given a number of presentations in the UK with great interest and support. We are currently collecting endoscopy equipment,  wires,brushes along with monitoring equipment and will transport via contacts to Lilongwe. We will keep in contact with endoscopy medical and nursing staff in Lilongwe to help futher develop endoscopy services

Z.Phambala, K Ngwira, R. Jiya . S. Fitzpatrick (endoscopy nurses )

Dr Hendrickse presenting certificates

Visiting team with Dr Lungu and KCH endoscopy staff                                  










Drs Ibrahim and Mulima

Weplan to revisit Liongwe in 6 – 9 months to promote training of endoscopist and nursing staff. We  are very keen to build on the basic skills course and set up training courses in therapeutic endocopy ( banding of varices , stenting and dilatation). variceal bleeding  and oesophageal cancer are major local problems in Lilongwe ; it is important to set up a network of locally trained endoscopists who can deal with these common disorders .

Link Requests

we are looking for donations of endoscopy equipment, monitoring equipment. Also wish to apply for funds towards arranging visits beween Blackpool / Lilongwe to set up further training endoscopy courses, We are very keen to develop contacts to enable tranfer of equipment and expertise beween Blackpool and Lilongwe

Contact Details

Dr Mark Hendrickse
Consultant gastroenterologist

Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Whinney Heys road

Tel: 00441253303712








Dr Arturo Muyco
Head of Surgery

Department of Surgery
Kamuzu Central Hospital

Website: www.Lilongwe-Blackpool endoscopy