Year Established: 2007

As part of the ongoing programme within the Scotland Malawi Project the Scottish Pathology Network (SPAN) has developed links with pathology in Malawi. Initial scoping has indicated areas of mutual benefit which could be developed in education, diagnosis and research. As part of the collaboration Professor Carey the Clinical Lead for SPAN visited Malawi in 2007 to present lectures and to scope the potential of the Scottish pathology community collaborating with Malawi in the development of initiatives in histopathology laboratory services. Since then there has been ongoing support from histopathologists in Scotland to the delivery of medical education in Malawi.

The lecture programme and travel have been supported by Scottish Government, NHS Scotland and NHS Tayside.

By 2010 we had organised 9 pathologist visits to Malawi. In response to partner needs we now wish to concentrate mainly on postgraduate education. We are keen to work with other THET links, particularly in Zambia.

Link Requests

Help and leadership in developing technical services in histopathology. Pathologists with time and interest....and we also need ongoing financial support.

Contact Details

Prof Frank Carey
Consultant Pathologist, Clinical Leader for SPAN

Dept. of Pathology
Ninewells Hospital

Tel: 01382 632548








Dr Steve Kamiza
Head of Department

College of Medicine
Pathology Unit