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Khandel light, Registered Charity Number 1083200, was created in June 2000 by Dr Peter Gough following his first visit to Khandel, Rajasthan. Dr Gough, a Family Doctor in North Hertfordshire, formed a committee of ten volunteer Trustees, drawing together a broad range of skills and expertise.  The Trustees seek to improve the quality of life in this desert region, one of the poorest in India, through the harnessing of the talent, goodwill and influence of communities in the UK. The community currently supported by Khandel light consists of 26 villages with a total population of around 30,000, covering an area of approximately 300 square kilometres (120 square miles).

The pressing problems in Rajasthan are drought, lack of drinking water, unemployment, migration to Cities, lack of Education (especially beyond 15), low status of women, lack of access to Healthcare, child marriage, poor hygiene and sanitation and population increase.  Through a team of 14 locally-based Health Workers, job creation projects, educational bursaries, empowerment of women and teenage girls, sex education, community meetings, medical and health awareness camps, provision of drinking water, the building of latrines, land development and tree plantation the lives of many of the poorest of our adopted community have been improved.

Through community to community support we have established 14 Health Workers on the ground in Rajasthan, built nearly 500 10,000 litre drinking water storage tanks which we top up monthly through the use of water tankers, built around 450 toilets, provided secure roofs for over 300 mud and straw dwellings,  created over 100,000 days employment for family bread-winners, built 50 brick houses accommodating three generation families, enabled over 4,600 women to become literate, run 4 teenage girls empowerment days, provided sex education and sanitary towels to teenage girls, helped over 1000 women with antenatal and postnatal care, provided 135 educational bursaries for children and young people, provided nearly 900 relief packs to the elderly, poor and widowed,  established a store for cattle fodder, run medical, dental and veterinary camps, organized water awareness camps and staff training programmes and undertaken tree plantation.

We are hoping to enhance the provision of Primary Care in our adopted communities by establishing a Medical and Dental Centre in Rajasthan and the formation of a partnership between Family Doctors prepared to work together in rotation in the villages. Dr Gough will be presenting the concept to the Wonca (World organization of Family Doctors) conference in Cancun, Mexico in May 2010.

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