Year Established: 2000

Fields of work Maternal/Child Health
UK Partner THET & King's College Hospital
Developing Country Partner Multiple
Contact 1 Wimpole St (5th Floor) London W1G 0AE UK Tel: 0207 290 3892

Kings College Hospital, THET and Somaliland Partnership (KTSP) began working in Somaliland in 2000 after a fact finding visit by two doctors and a nurse from Kings College Hospital (KCH). One of the doctors, himself a member of the Somaliland diaspora, had managed the country’s main referral hospital before the outbreak of war. The purpose of the visit was to assess the status of public health facilities in the country.

As a result of this visit, a Link was established between Kings College Hospital (KCH) and two hospitals in Somaliland – the Edna Adan Maternity Hospital & Boroma Group Hospital – and the then newly established Amoud Medical School at Boroma University. Initially, the Link focussed on training staff to improve standards of care and providing academic support to the medical school curriculum. As the partnership developed, it soon began to attract attention from other healthcare institutions such as Hargeisa Group Hospital (HGH), the main government run referral hospital and the University of Hargeisa’s medical school.

In addition to the two medical schools of Somaliland, this partnership now includes five other medical teaching institutions all striving to increase the number of health professionals available in Somaliland. In total, since this partnership began, 70 doctors have completed their medical training in Somaliland. In 2011, for the first time in Somaliland a BSc Midwifery course began at Edna Adan Maternity hospital which works in collaboration with the University of Hargeisa.


The institutes within KTSP currently include;

  • The Ministry of Health
  • Professional medical associations
  • Teaching institutions
  • Hospitals

Funding from donors such as Comic Relief, EC and DfID has allowed the link to evolve and expand its work to a much wider range of partners. With the expansion of the partnership, the KTSP now works with health institutions across all regions in Somaliland.

KTSP now draws on the knowledge, skills and experience of dedicated health professionals at Kings Health Partners (KHP) to provide professional support to Somaliland partner organisations. These professionals come from a wide variety of healthcare disciplines and KTSP benefits from the fact that it can draw on expert knowledge from the fields of surgery, paediatrics, public health, internal medicine, mental health, obstetrics and gynaecology, pathology and laboratory medicine, nursing and midwifery. These medical professionals volunteer their time and travel to Somaliland to carry out specialised training sessions for medical students and professionals in Somaliland.

The partnership is driven by the needs of partner healthcare institutions in Somaliland and allows them to identify areas where input from the UK can make a difference. Specialist support for the Ministry of Health and professional medical associations allows managerial improvements in health care that will enable lasting impacts.


Contact Details

THET Somaliland Programme Team

1 Wimpole St (5th Floor)

Tel: 0207 290 3892