Suicide Psychiatry Deliberate self harm mental state examination

Fields of work Psychiatry/Mental Health
UK Partner Edge Hill University
Developing Country Partner CSI Holdsworth Memorial Hospital

A start up grant funded project by THET that enabled a team of mental health staff to agree a memorandum of understanding with CSI Holdsworth Memorial Hospital(HMH) in Mysore, Southern India.The project continues to work on education of general hospital staff to assess and provide interventions on those persons who have attempted suicide.Deliberate ingestion of pesticides is rising and survival rates are improving, but this adds to financial pressures and stigma. The team from Edge Hill continue to work closely with HMH and an education programme for nursing staff and research project are planned for early 2014 prior to patient studies starting. The project has linked with the Government state hospital in Mysore as there is only one consultant psychiatrist working at HMH.