Zimbabwe Health Training Support Established: 2006

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UK Partner Multiple Universities
Developing Country Partner University of Zimbabwe College of Health Sciences
Contact Dr Zed Sibanda Chair 9 Romilly Road Cardiff CF5 1FJ Tel: +44 (0)2920 211541 zedsibanda@aol.com

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ZHTS Aims;

  1. Establish a network of UK health professionals who are interested in supporting training and education in Zimbabwe.
  2. Participate in the setting up of links between Zimbabwean and British universities, hospitals and other organisations.
  3. Provide health training support in Zimbabwe by providing educational resources e.g. visiting lecturers; examiners; books; journals or electronic learning materials.
  4. Raise funds and donations in kind in support of these activities.
  5. Carry out any other activities consistent with the pursuit of these aims.

ZHTS Objectives for 2010/2011

  • Move towards clinical officer training programmes.
  • Campaign to support UZ medical school financially (possibly through scholarship funds, encourage alumni to donate, set criteria.
  • Focus on supporting IT services.
  • Make curriculum development a priority, in particular, arrange visits to the UK for University staff and longer term visits in Zimbabwe to support this.
  • Move towards delivering courses rather than a set of lectures.
  • Work towards making the Nurse Anaesthetic Refresher Course a yearly event.
  • Complete a formal application to the Liverpool Association of Tropical Health.
  • Ethics course for staff at UZ and curriculum development  programs.
  • Combine teaching with improving quality of service.
  • Focus on the quality of education training and improve the co-ordination of visits from the UK.

Recent Activities;

  • Sucessfully run a Nurse Anaesthetic Referesher Course (NARC)
  • Many trips to Zimbabwe have been made by ZHTS trustees and members of staff from King’s College London
  • Links between ZHTS-Zimbabwe and King’s College London continue well, particularly focussing on curriculum development
  • ZHTS continues to collaborate with other institutions and zimbabwean partners, most recently the the Zimbabwe Benefit Foundation and Geneva-based Zimhealth.
  • ZHTS has supported an elective student to visit Europe
  • ZHTS continues to support it’s student group ‘Project Zimbabwe’ (www.kclprojectzimbabwe.blogspot.com), especially in their innovative MedYouth project.

Contact Details

Dr Zed Sibanda

9 Romilly Road

Tel: +44 (0)2920 211541








Prof Medion Chidzonga

University of Zimbabwe College of Health Sciences
PO Box A178

Tel: -791372


Website: www.zhts.org.uk