Funding from the WHO is strengthening THET's Community Health Worker project in Somaliland.

Community Health Workers - From Strength to Strength

Community Health Worker

THET Somaliland has received a small grant from the World Health Organisation (WHO) to train Community Health Workers (CHWs) for nine months in the Awdal Region of Somaliland. The training of 20 CHWs will commence in August 2014 and follows the successful 9 months training of CHWs from Sahil and Awdal regions using a new curriculum that was developed by THET through a multi-stakeholder process. The CHW is a care giver, a health advocate, promoter and educator, a mobiliser of communities, helping them work towards a healthy environment and lifestyle for their population. They are an essential addition to the health workforce in Somaliland, and this grant ensures that THET can continue our training of CHWs well into the future.


Community Health Worker, Somaliland Community Health Worker trainee in Hulqaboobe, Somaliland.

(Photo Timur Bekir/THET 2014)