How health partnerships between the NHS and developing countries deliver benefits to the NHS workforce

In recent years, the UK Government has recognised the value of international health links and has sought to acknowledge the benefits, not only to less developed countries, but also to the healthcare sector, when individuals return to the health service in the UK with fresh perspectives and new skills and approaches to their work.

This research study demonstrates that there are opportunities for professional and personal development through involvement in international health links. It also reveals that there are benefits to the NHS and therefore patients in the UK.

The research report identifies how knowledge and skills gained from international links can be matched to many of the core dimensions of the NHS Knowledge and Skills Framework for the purposes of annual appraisal. It also investigates how learning from international links may be accredited for Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Research Report by Brenda Longstaff


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Health Services Journal: How international health links can help the NHS workforce develop