A toolkit to provide guidance on making donations of medical equipment to low-income countries

THET has today released new guidance for those wishing to donate medical equipment to hospitals and health clinics in the developing world.

Download A toolkit for medical equipment donations to low-resource settings

Hospitals in many low-income countries rely significantly on donations of medical equipment.  These donations are made with the best of intentions, however, the outcomes are not always positive. The World Health Organization estimates that up to 80% of the medical equipment in some sub-Saharan African countries is donated equipment. However, the majority is out of use due to the significant challenges faced by low-resourced health systems including; a lack of trained health workers and technical staff to use, maintain and manage the equipment,  the absence of a strong supply chain for consumables and spare parts and an unreliable infrastructure to operate the equipment which is often without a good power supply, temperature control, water and medical gas.

The toolkit includes good practice guidance for each of the seven stages of the donation process, from initial discussions between donor and recipient about what is required to after donated equipment arrives, is installed and ready for use. We have also produced a series of videos highlighting the critical issue of medical equipment donations, as well as what THET is doing to support partnerships to improve the maintenance and management of equipment overseas. Watch it here.