The collaborative effort of the Rwanda Paediatric Association; Ministry of Health, Rwanda; University of Nairobi, Kenya and the Imperial College HealthCare Trust, UK has enabled training of hospital staff in Rwanda to deal with emergency cases of children under 5.

The Link: training courses that improve chances of survival

All over Rwanda there is renewed hope for children, especially the under 5’s. Hospital staff and students are now being given training in tailor-made courses on how to deal with common but emergency illnesses like malaria, convulsions, dehydration and others.

The overall objective of these courses is to reduce child mortality and generate standards in treating sick children. The course enables the health worker to assess cases and categorise them based on need and the medical resources available.

Over 300 hundred health professionals have been trained in the capital Kigali and other towns like Gisenyi and Gashora.

Making a difference

Dr Lisine Tuyisenge, the Link coordinator who is also the Secretary of the Rwanda Paediatric Association had this to say about the courses:

"These courses are very good. They are held every 3 months with a maximum of 28 participants per course. At the moment the instructors are Kenyan paediatricians; however, the best participants in each course are picked for further training and very soon Rwanda will have their own instructors."

The future

Most of the manuals used currently are based on World Health Organisation protocols, but plans are underway to have specific protocols for newborns in Rwanda.

IHLFS Team, British Council Uganda