Federal Medical Centre, Abeokuta has an 8-year relationship with the Wisdom Hospice, University of Kent conducting palliative care training for staff in Abeokuta, Nigeria.

A reason to help

A 30 year old woman, married for 8 years, lost her husband to HIV; she lost the second husband to an illness; her first child had an accident and fell ill. She met a new man and became pregnant, and being a teacher resigned and came to live with the new husband, who already had three other wives and seven children. The house was not conducive to live in, and due to the hardship in the house, she fainted and was taken to hospital. The woman was advised to terminate the pregnancy, since she was not being taken care of at home.

The Palliative care unit support gave support to the woman over a period of 2 years, ensuring that she could get back to living normally. She was given support and was able to get her teaching job back.

The Link: Abeokuta and Kent

Palliative Care training has been given to over 100 people, including both medical and non-medical personnel. Fifty personnel have received formal training, while 20 have received advanced training in palliative care, who have become trainers themselves. These were able to reach out to a further 225 nurses over 2 weeks.

Sensitisation has been carried out in llorin at the University Teaching Hospital, amongst spiritual leaders at their synod meeting, and at other hospitals in the vicinity that have requested this type of training.

Setting up pain management clinics and caring for geriatric patients is a focus for the team, as a major challenge is in obtaining morphine for pain management.

IHLFS Team, British Council Nigeria