Anita Kamara received training from The Kambia Appeal in 2011, a partnership funded under the IHLFS. In this interview she reflects on the training she has been given.

Anita Kamara


I have not attended the Kambia Appeal training this year because I am alone here in the health centre, so I cannot leave the centre for a week-long training workshop.  In 2011, I did have Kambia Appeal training for a week.  It was very useful and educative.  The training covered resuscitation, safe delivery and hand washing.

I am able to put this training into practice in the PHU.  We have resuscitation kits [photographed above] and delivery kits supplied by the Kambia Appeal, and I use them in the PHU. I have been working in Modia for nearly 4 years. I have no problems here because I have a good relationship with the local community.

I had 7 deliveries in November, and there have been no maternal deaths. I do make referrals to the district hospital.  For example, for excessive bleeding and eclampsia I call the ambulance and it always comes.  The training from the Kambia Appeal has allowed me to deal with more cases at the PHU and I feel more confident doing my work, but I need more training as there is always more to learn.

There were a few language problems with the UK trainers, but not many.  We were taught in small groups, which means we can pay more attention. I have used the infant resuscitation kits several times.  We have 566 Under 5s in the PHU catchment area, and the total population is 3,197.

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