“Outcomes are defined as changes in the behaviour, relationships, activities, or actions of the people, groups, and organizations with whom a program works directly.” S. Earl, F. Carden and T. Smutylo (2001).


1. Outcomes: what they are and how to approach measuring them in a health partnership project

Adapted from a workshop delivered by THET, this resource focuses on ways to address the challenge of measuring outcomes in a health partnership project.  

2. THET Project Planning: Theory of Change

A Theory of Change (ToC) is a planning tool that a partnership can use to think through the steps of a change process - from the current conditions to the desired conditions. A ToC uses a graphical representation of change to articulate the causal links between different steps in the change process and to test those links. A ToC can also highlight threads of activity that do not fit into the overall change framework, which will help to clarify the partnership's objectives, from activities through to longer-term impact.