The Framework for NHS Involvement in International Development has been developed to provide greater clarity on how NHS agencies and individuals can best maximise their potential to contribute in a sustainable and appropriate way to capacity building in developing countries. It builds on the Department of Health’s 2003 International Humanitarian and Health Work Toolkit to Support Good Practice. The framework’s development is the result of the commitment set out in Global Health Partnerships: The UK contribution to health in developing countries: the Government Response (March 2008), which was led by the Department of Health and the Department for International Development. The framework has been developed in collaboration with a range of individuals, organisations and professional bodies. Its preparation was led by the new Strategic Health Authority International Health Group. The framework describes current policy and practice. It is being made available as an online resource so that it can be easily revised to take account of new developments. Although the framework does focus on NHS involvement in International Development, it is equally relevant to individuals, volunteers and other partners in the wider health sector in the UK.