Six years in to the Health Partnership Scheme, there are more health partnerships between the UK and Uganda than with any other country. These are tackling diverse needs in a country still burdened with a catastrophic shortfall of trained health workers.

Great gains can be made however, with better coordination and a better understanding of the priorities of the Ugandan Government. Working in close partnership with the Government, the Uganda UK Health Alliance and the Uganda Diaspora Health Foundation, THET has launched the Partnership Office in Kampala to co-ordinate the work of partners, promoting exchanges of best practices and widening the evidence base for the value of health partnerships, and to increase access to decision-makers in the Ugandan health system.

Welcoming the launch of this office at an event in Kampala in May, the Honourable Minister for Health, Dr. Elioda Tumwesigye, remarked: “DFID, through the Tropical Health and Education Trust, has been a long-time partner of Uganda and has contributed immensely to the socio-economic development of the country through producing skilled and specialised health workers. Working through a Uganda based office will foster better relations among the partners, more clear synergies with the priorities of the Ministry of Health, shared values and the integration of health indicators into Uganda's economy. The need for modern and specialised health care skills is paramount in improving the quality of life of Ugandans.”

The event, also addressed by the Head of DFID Uganda, Jennie Barugh, and Ben Simms, CEO of THET, was attended by over 60 people involved in health partnership work in Uganda. Ms Barugh challenged THET and our partners to keep setting new standards, in particular to “continuously look for opportunities to develop innovative solutions to the challenges in the health sector in Uganda, and to work with communities to define local priorities and create solutions that outlive this programme.” The office marks a new chapter in the development of the health partnership approach and we thoroughly look forward to working with our partners to maximise its impact.

If you are currently working in Uganda and want to connect to this office, please contact Mr. Paul Ahura, Uganda Country Manager.