New collaboration between THET, University of Manchester and the Global Health Exchange is helping healthcare professionals working in Health Partnerships under the Health Partnership Scheme to deliver project outcomes effectively.

The Change Exchange is a collaboration between The Tropical Health and Education Trust (THET), University of Manchester and the Global Health Exchange. Using theories, interventions, and measures of behaviour and behaviour change we will help Health Partnership volunteers to deliver their project in a way that is more likely to change practice, as well as helping them understand and evaluate change.

Volunteer behavioural scientists will spend 10 weeks (an initial 8 weeks and a 2 week follow up) in a low- or middle-income country, during which they will consult on HPS projects that seek to improve the performance of the existing health workforce. Data analysis and ongoing supervision will be provided by the project leads, Drs Hart and Byrne-Davis.  With their help of their collaborators in Manchester Implementation Science Collaboration: Professor Marie Johnston, Professor Chris Armitage and Dr Richard Emsley. There will be no cost to the Health Partnership.

"We wanted to improve the care patients in our link-hospital in Uganda received; the local staff asked us to teach them how to care for their patients better: so we taught. Over time we questioned if our teaching made a difference to patient care. By working with Jo & Lucie, we were able to measure how the staff responded to the teaching package and elucidate the link between education and changing clinical practices. Using this information, we were able to adapt our teaching package to make it easier for healthcare workers to apply our teaching in practice."

Dr Matthew Jackson, anaesthetist & UK volunteer

THET will be holding a webinar to gauge the interest of HPS grant holders in applying for the Change Exchange programme. The webinar will run twice on the following dates:

Wednesday 7th & Thursday 8th October 2015, at 12-1pm. Please register for either of the sessions here.