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Every year in May, the Member States of the World Health Organization come together at the Palais des Nations, the UN headquarters in Geneva, to oversee and make decisions about the work of WHO. The Assembly lasts for a week and is characterised by a mix of formal and informal business, with many organisations taking the opportunity to run side events, often in the form of panel discussions, around global health topics. WHO also run side events and technical briefings during the week.

THET has been an NGO in Official Relations with WHO since January 2015, and as such has access to all aspects of the WHA.

Andrew Jones, THET’s Head of Partnerships was at the Assembly this year, and participated in events focusing on essential surgery, Universal Health Coverage, infection prevention and control, biomedical engineering, patient safety, health systems strengthening, and health workforce development. The week culminated in Andrew making a formal NGO statement to the Assembly in support of WHO’s new strategy for workforce development, Workforce 2030.

“The week of the Assembly in Geneva is an intense period of activity. It is bewildering to a newcomer, as I found out last year, but it does provide a unique opportunity to learn, and to present the work of THET to new listeners as well as those who are fully in tune with the partnership approach.”