Report on women's health in Africa from the WHO. Plus an upcoming documentary highlighting the challenges women face in achieving essential, basic healthcare.

The World Health Organisation has just released a report arguing that 'women’s health is the foundation for social and economic development in the African Region.' The report is based on research from an expert panel of commissioners from across Africa, and highlights the poor standard of women's healthcare in much of the continent. The WHO states:

Women in Africa represent slightly over 50% of the continent’s human resources and so women’s health has huge implications for the Region’s development. The report calls for a fundamental rethinking of approaches to improving women’s health, informed by an understanding of the sociocultural determinants that are so important in shaping it.

A new documentary, The Mother's of Africa, will be released soon highlighting the challenges that African women face in the pursuit of essential and sustainable healthcare.

To read the report and find out more, visit the WHO or The Global Library of Women's Medicine.