What we're up to and how we help health workers and health institutions in Somaliland.

In 2000 The THET programme in Somaliland began working with health institutions already working in-country to improve the provision of health services in Somaliland. THET works inpartnership with institutions in Somaliland and the UK to draw from the invaluable experience of partners working within both health care systems.


THET Somaliland takes an integrated approach to Human Resources for Health and works at three levels:
  • Individual health workers
  • Civil society institutions
  • Government
We seek to achieve:


Better quality teaching and training for health workers in Somaliland with a special focus on doctors, qualified nurses and midwives.
Our partnership provides support to health institutes through medical training, refresher courses for tutors, specialist gap filling training, curriculum development, examination support and the provision of essential teaching equipment.
THET has directly supported over 105 doctors and 404 nursing graduates since 2000. In addition THET supported the first BSc Midwifery programme in Somaliland and, in Ocotober 2012, the group of 21 BSc midwifery students graduated.


Strong partner institutions with improved skills and resources, better able to carry out their mandate within the Somaliland health sector.
The Somaliland programme through our partnership with King’s College Hospital provides clinical teaching, support and supervision in specialties as requested by our partners in Somaliland. This is in addition to the provision of on-going support for sustainable change through building management skills for manager and medical faculties.


Strengthened governance structures, managing and supporting the quality delivery of health services in Somaliland.
THET works directly with the Somaliland Ministry of Health and other organisations concerned with regulation and patient protection in Somaliland. THET has supported the strengthening of governance by providing expert support to develop technical tools, policies and regulations.