Our partners are essential to the success of our programme work in Ethiopia. Find out who they are and how they help.

King's College Hospital THET worked with King's to develop and implement a diabetes programme.
Southampton NHS Trust Led by Martin Prevett, THET worked with University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust to successfully improve epilepsy care in Jimma and Gondar. Now, THET works with the Trust to improve diagnosis and referrals for chronic respiratory diseases as well as care for stroke patients at Jimma and Gondar University Teaching Hospitals.


Nottingham NHS Trust THET worked with Nottingham Hospital to develop and implement an asthma programme.
THET has worked in partnership with Gondar University Teaching Hospital for many years to develop teaching programmes and improve health care. Dr Shitaye Alemu has been instrumental in helping to decentralise chronic NCD treatment and care.
Likewise, THET's collaboration with Jimma University Teaching Hospital has been key in decentralising chronic NCD treatment and care. Dr Tadesse in Jimma is leading on the project. 
The Joffe Trust The Joffe Charitable Trust has been a major donor since 2013, supporting: the training and supervision of nurses and HEWs; research in Jimma and Gondar; and technical assistance in decentralising chronic NCD care and treatment to the MOH. 
Chain of Hope THET has worked with the Chain of Hope in researching rheumatic heart disease and its risk factors in Ethiopia
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