We want to put the valuable work that volunteers do with health partnerships on the radar. Find out how you can help.

“The most effective government action to support NHS overseas work in recent years has been the Health Partnerships Scheme (HPS).”

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On the 10th July, the All Party Parliamentary Group on Global Health launched a report on overseas volunteering and partnerships from the NHS. The report, Improving health at home and abroad: How overseas volunteering from the NHS benefits the UK and the world looks at the role NHS staff, who volunteer overseas, have in advancing health globally and bringing new knowledge, skills and ideas back to the UK, and what can be done to facilitate this work further.

The report found that “although often ‘under the radar’, overseas volunteering is already a valuable asset to the NHS, and could be contributing much more still.”

We are urging people to raise the profile of their work in their Trust and in their locality - with their MP and the media by telling them about the benefits at home and abroad.

If you've had direct experience of the benefits of volunteering in a health partnership to help train health workers overseas, we want you to shout about it. There are 3 simple things you can do:


Write to your MP and Trust and let them know how overseas volunteering with health partnerships not only does extraordinary things abroad, but also benefits UK health workers and health institutions, like the NHS, as a whole.


Share your story online via email, Twitter, Facebook. Email colleagues and let them know about the benefits of volunteering. You can also direct them to this page to see how they can get involved too.

Use social media to raise the profile of volunteering in health partnerships; let people know about the benefits for health workers in developing countries and the benefits for the NHS too. Make sure you direct back to thet.org so they can find out more and get involved themselves.


Tell your story. THET wants to hear from people who have had inspiring experiences volunteering abroad, and have seen how it benefits your practice back home. So why not contact your regional press and tell them your story; write a blog for us; tell your story through social media; let the UK know why volunteering is important.

For tips and templates for doing all the above....

Download the toolkit and get on the radar.

Watch the video to hear first-hand accounts of volunteer experiences with health partnerships.

Support for Overseas Volunteering from THET on Vimeo.