Angella Najjuuko
Role Clinical Officer

Angella Najjuuko is a  Clinical Officer in charge of Bukeeri Health Centre 3 in Uganda which serves around 10,000 people from 11 surrounding villages and the peripheral area.

The partnership between the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the Kitovu Health Care Complex began in 2015 and has improved the delivery of emergency obstetric care and referrals throughout health care facilities in the Masaka Region. Most of the trainees work at health centres that then refer patients on to Kitovu Health Care Complex.

An integral part of the Excellence in: Obstetric Skills course is that a number of the trainers are local health professionals who have previously completed the course. In total, 280 health care workers from nurses to midwives have been trained to deliver emergency obstetric care competently, and to adhere to timely referral procedures.

For Angella things have changed since midwives from the rural centres have received their training:

“Before the training we used to make so many unnecessary referrals through improper screening and thinking we could not handle some things. Now if a midwife receives a mother with a breech or shoulder dystopia she is able to deliver the baby safely.

I decided to become a trainer on the course because after attending the training myself, it opened up my eyes. All the midwives in Uganda need to go through this emergency obstetric training course because the problems we are facing in most of the rural health centres are the same.”