Dennis Gwesere
Role Associate Lecturer and Clinical Instructor

Dennis Gwesere is an Associate Lecturer and Clinical Instructor in the Department of Nursing and Midwifery at the Malamulo College of Health Sciences in Malawi and has been working collaboratively with volunteers from the UK as part of a partnership lead by VSO to address maternal health in Malawi and scale up numbers of skilled and qualified nurses and midwives.

‘They have really helped…we look at them as partners and colleagues in the department. We share knowledge and information…they help us reduce the burden on the faculty in terms of clinical instruction. There are also skills and expertise that they pass on from their training in the UK.’

Based at Malamulo, volunteers are engaged in supporting clinical instruction and developing new ways of working that will not only enhance the skills of nurses and midwives, but also improve systems within the hospital itself.

‘The initiatives the volunteers have implemented are a step forward, a milestone, and when they have gone home we can move forward and implement these plans into the system.’