F Monodu
Role Midwife

I have been in post at Kambia District Hospital since August 2012. I attended the IHLFS training course in November 2012. The training was educative. I came top in the neonatal resuscitation session. It was a refresher course to remind us of past training. There is no refresher training given in Kambia to midwives once they are qualified other than this Kambia Appeal training.

This training is needed because here in Sierra Leone the main problem is that women do not like to deliver at the hospital. They prefer to deliver at home, but things go wrong and they seek care too late. This then makes our job too difficult to save them. One woman had just arrived here at the maternity ward. She came to the hospital with a fever, but we found that she had a ruptured uterus. If she had come to us sooner it would have been easier for us to help her, and the outcome might have been more positive.

On the training course the UK trainers were easy to understand and the teaching was good. We were given handouts at the end of the training and there were practical learning sessions. We did pre and post training tests, and the scores increased after the teaching. My scores increased from 213 to 218, so I am very pleased. This was all refresher training, helping me to remember my basic training as a midwife. In future, I would like a higher level course because I always like to strive higher.