Lupiya Kampengele
Role Senior medical equipment technologist

I’m the head of section of medical equipment. At the moment there are three of us (medical technologists). So our work in the hospital is to look after medical equipment and by doing so we look after the planning for the usage, acquiring medical equipment, preventive maintenance and also carry out corrective maintenance when we’ve seen that the equipment has broken down. The three of us are expected to cover all the wards… so the numbers are not adequate.

Medical equipment is very important because for the clinicians it helps them to be quick in finding out what the problems are with the patient, and not only that, I think it assist them as well in monitoring and looking after the patient care.

The main challenges that we face, first of all, is that the equipment are out dated and one of the problems is the service manuals. We also face the challenge of spare parts, where to get the spare parts, because sometimes we go to the internet and they tell us we don’t have that function, and as a result, we don’t have spares.

The background of this partnership is that we as a unit at Ndola Central hospital is that our background is typically from different engineering sections…so you will find that we’re not 100 percent there, so we need external assistance, like the use of Peter Cook and Rashid Brora. They’ve come in, we’ve given them specific tasks with equipment that has given us a lot of problems.   

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