Hersi Osman Ahmed
Role Community Health Worker

Hersi Osman Ahmed  is a Community Health Worker being trained by THET to serve his local village, Hulqaboobe. 

'My name is Hersi Osman Ahmed and I belong to Hulqaboobe Village.  We learning a lot of good things and our teacher works hard and is supporting us to learn many things which we did not know before. We did not know how to measure BP and first aid, we knew none of these! But now, we know many things!'

'I want to help my people and I want to improve the situation in my village. There has been a lot of difficulties such as pregnant mothers who went into labor in the remote area...there lots of sick people who need for help and that is why I wanted to work for my people.'

'My hopes are to continue working for my community and to further my knowledge in health to higher levels.'

Hersi completed his training in August 2014 and is now providing frontline primary healthcare to his local community.