Saed Abdi Farah
Role Nurse

Saed received Comprehensive Emergency Obstetric & Neonatal Care (CEmONC) training, along with five other nurses and two doctors, in order to improve maternal and child health outcomes. Placed at Abdel Referral Health Centre, Saed serves the local population that is critically short of health workers.

'The common cases we normally see are complications for children and mothers. You would see a pregnant mother and after she calls us we see that she cannot deliver the baby normally. Sometimes you could see some mothers who are very weak and cannot deliver smoothly and in this case we give some medications. When the mother is at her home she is not able to deliver the baby smoothly because she needs help. Another common case is bleeding and we try our best to stop the bleeding and give her also some infusions. Also we have seen cases of pregnant mothers in the third trimester and having hypertension and this may lead to death to the baby and imminent risk to her health.'

'We have learned many new things during our training in Ifakara, Tanzania or at least enhanced and gained confidence of the skills we already had...also we have seen a complicated delivery that involves cesarean and we have learned how to decide if the mother should undergo a caesarian or not.'