Yousef Abdirasheed Alli
Role Clinical Officer

'I’m a clinical officer and I work at Berbera Hospital. Specifically surgical department (OPD) I participate in all the surgical procedures they have in the surgical department. I was part of the team trained in Ifrakara, Tanzania who got the chance to be trained on CEMONC.'

'We have gained a lot of knowledge in CEMONC – comprehensive emergency obstetric care - and it has changed our practice a lot. We learnt all the things needed to help a pregnant woman with an obstetric complication and ways to reduce the impact of the situation. It was a nice place and we encountered more than a hundred cases per month of c-section and normal delivery. We have seen a lot of situations which could affect a pregnant woman during her pregnancy and especially when she is giving birth because they are brought to the hospital either for delivery or sickness...there has been a big change in our practice.'