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Project Monitoring - a guide

This thorough overview of project monitoring includes guidance on determining who your stakeholders are, what they need to know, and how to share this with them.


Managing the Medical Equipment Lifecycle

A detailed overview of the medical equipment lifecycle.  This resource identifies assumptions (expectations) about the medical equipment lifecycle that might be valid in a high-resource setting but which may not be valid in a low-resource setting.  The assumptions are linked to mitigations: ways to prevent setbacks, and improve progress and quality in your medical equipment project.


A conceptual framework for ToT interventions in global health; executive summary

An executive summary of research carried out at THET by Dr Maru Mormina, Senior Lecturer at the University of Winchester, on the Training of Trainers (ToT) model. The framework developed from this research may act as a blueprint against which Health Partnership ToT interventions can be mapped.


CASE STUDY: Recognising health system challenges

Every partnership involved in health system strengthening will encounter barriers and challenges. The approach taken by the Global Links Volunteer Programme is to develop a culture in which it is acceptable to talk frankly about those barriers so that they can be addressed or accepted.

Global Links

CASE STUDY: Building a strong interdisciplinary team

The Wessex-Ghana Stroke Partnership includes medical and nursing staff, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, dieticians, pharmacists, speech and language therapists, clinical psychologists, as well as managerial and administrative staff. Each discipline has skills and experience to offer the partnership as well as the patients in their care.


Making it work - a toolkit for medical equipment donations

A comprehensive guide that details seven steps to donating medical equipment responsibly.


Useful information and resources for medical equipment

THET is collaborating with a significant number of global organisations that are engaged in medical equipment work in developing countries. Find some useful links to guidance and further information.


Infection prevention and control resources

 A list of useful tools and guidance for institutions working towards infection prevention and control.