Hallmarks of good practice:

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CASE STUDY: Governance structures in Dodoma and London

The partnership between Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust and Mirembe Hospital Tanzania has carefully planned its governance structure to include committees with broad membership, accountability to senior personnel in their institutions, and champions responsible for the different strands of their work. 



Project planning template and Guidance

Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning plan

The partnership between Central and Northwest London and Mirembe Hospital, Tanzania (described in the case study above)  divides its project work into strands with a responsible person(s) for each strand. Your project plan and monitoring, evaluation, and learning plan will help you to define the different project strands and division of responsibilities.

How to take minutes

The case study above, 'Governance structures in Dodoma and London', describes the partnership's good practice in governance, which includes having various project committees. The committees ensure their discussions and decisions are recorded accurately and transparently through good minuting of their meetings and sharing minutes.  This Wiki on how to take meeting minutes offers generic good practice advice which you can apply to your own health partnership.  We are always looking for ways to improve the resources we provide to health partnerships so if you would like to offer an alternative source of guidance on this topic, please contact a member of the THET team.


Volunteers: Getting the right team

Advice from health partnerships on how to attract and select volunteers.


CASE STUDY: The role of influential individuals in the health partnership between the Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland and the Association of Anaesthetists of Uganda

This  case study looked at whether and how relationships helped the health partnership to design and deliver a strong project on obstetric anaesthesia, and it emphasises the role of key individuals.


Technology for Effective Partnership Collaboration

This comprehensive guide to online and electronic tools will help you to overcome the logistical challenges of health partnership communications and collaboration.


Effective Fundraising for Health Partnerships

A short film and more detailed guidance document to help health partnerships think about their fundraising strategy.  The short film provides an introduction to fundraising for health partnerships and the ways in which you can develop a fundraising strategy.  The guide to fundraising document is a more detailed look fundraising for health partnerships, with examples, tips, and useful links that you can use to develop a strategy that will diversify your funding streams.


Alternative funding opportunities for Health Partnerships

We are pleased to share with the Health Partnership Community a list of alternative funding opportunities. We will regularly be updating this document to ensure it includes new funding opportunities as they arise.


THET Blog: Maximising the potential for further funding in Mozambique

Sarah Cavanagh and Peter Donaldson reflect on their engagement with the Rotary Club, the funds they raised and the importance of this for the future of their project. 



Value for Money and Health Partnerships

Minimising costs and cost variability is one aspect of ensuring value for money (VFM)  when delivering your project.  In this resource, THET introduces the topic of VFM and shares two case studies that explore the ways in which health partnerships demonstrate value for money.


Volunteer Support

This is an introduction to the essentials in volunteer management, pre-placement, in-country, and on their return to the UK.

Tailored Volunteer Support

A case study that illustrates how The Global Links Programme (Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health) tailored its pre-departure training course to provide thorough preparation for volunteers. The case study will help your partnership to consider ways to better prepare your volunteers for their trips.

Toolkit for the collection of evidence of knowledge and skills gained through participation in an international health project

A toolkit for NHS employees to support them in the collection of evidence of the professional development opportunities gained from volunteering with a health partnership.

UK Visa Application Guidance

A checklist to help you when writing your letter of support for health partnerships who are planning on applying for a visa for short visits to the UK.  

Building a Caring Future

A toolkit to aid the collection of evidence of knowledge and skills gained from volunteering with a health partnership. The evidence framework directly relates to the NHS Knowledge and Skills Framework for annual appraisal, the NHS Leadership Framework for leadership development and requirements of the Royal Colleges for accreditation of international project work for Continuing Professional Development.