CASE STUDY: Governance structures in Dodoma and London

The partnership between Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust and Mirembe Hospital Tanzania has carefully planned its governance structure to include committees with broad membership, accountability to senior personnel in their institutions, and champions responsible for the different strands of their work. 



Project planning template and Guidance

Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning plan

The partnership between Central and Northwest London and Mirembe Hospital, Tanzania (described in the case study above)  divides its project work into strands with a responsible person(s) for each strand. Your project plan and monitoring, evaluation, and learning plan will help you to define the different project strands and division of responsibilities.

How to take minutes

The case study above, 'Governance structures in Dodoma and London', describes the partnership's good practice in governance, which includes having various project committees. The committees ensure their discussions and decisions are recorded accurately and transparently through good minuting of their meetings and sharing minutes.  This Wiki on how to take meeting minutes offers generic good practice advice which you can apply to your own health partnership.  We are always looking for ways to improve the resources we provide to health partnerships so if you would like to offer an alternative source of guidance on this topic, please contact a member of the THET team.