A needs assessment is a systematic process that the partnership undertakes to understand the current conditions at the developing country institution and the desired conditions.  The needs assessment is the rationale for the capacity building intervention, both in terms of its design and how it is delivered.



1. A Guide to Assessing Need - The World Bank.

This is a detailed guide on needs assessments, written by the World Bank.  It includes explanation of different methods you can use to do your needs assessment, such as types of data collection tools.

2.  Community Tool Box: Assessing Community Needs and Resources

Chapter 3: Assessing Community Needs and Resources. The chapter is broken down into multiple sections, providing detailed information on a range of different data collection tools that you can use to carry out your needs assessment. Each tool comes with an explanation of what it is, who should use it, and how to use it.


CASE STUDY: Assessing needs to create effective plans