“Outcomes are defined as changes in the behaviour, relationships, activities, or actions of the people, groups, and organizations with whom a program works directly.” S. Earl, F. Carden and T. Smutylo (2001).



1. Outcomes: what they are and how to approach measuring them in a health partnership project

Adapted from a workshop delivered by THET, this resource focuses on ways to address the challenge of measuring outcomes in a health partnership project.  

2. THET Project Planning: Theory of Change

A Theory of Change (ToC) is a planning tool that a partnership can use to think through the steps of a change process - from the current conditions to the desired conditions. A ToC uses a graphical representation of change to articulate the causal links between different steps in the change process and to test those links. A ToC can also highlight threads of activity that do not fit into the overall change framework, which will help to clarify the partnership's objectives, from activities through to longer-term impact.

3. Outcomes measurement

Health partnerships face challenges gathering data that demonstrates long-term change in skills, behaviour, and practice –known as Outcomes. This presentation takes different monitoring challenges in turn to consider a) what the challenge might tell you about the health system; and b) how you might deal with the challenge.