As Universal Health Coverage rises up the global health agenda this paper explores the role health partnerships, THET, and others can play in contributing to this new vision of development.

UHC Discussion Paper

Many of the Sustainable Development Goals relate to health but it is goal 3, with the stated ambition to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages, which sets out a vision of a world where Universal Health Coverage becomes a reality. 

We can greatly improve the chances of achieving Universal Health Coverage by actively championing new forms of development such as the health partnership approach.

 As we respond to the needs and opportunities which are identified in national health plans through working closely with Ministries of Health, we contribute to the building of resilient health systems that use a people-centred, integrated care approach, where people can access health services they can afford.

Extract: ‘No health without a workforce’ was the rallying cry of the flagship report commissioned by the Global Health Workforce Alliance Secretariat and the World Health Organization and one which must be embraced if the aspiration for universal health coverage is ever to be realised.

THET welcomes the renewed focus on universal health coverage in the SDGs and commits to using its relationship with WHO and national governments to advocate for a rapid scaling-up in the recruitment, training and education of health workers in support of this goal. 

UHC Discussion Paper