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Call for Applications

Thank you to all those who have submitted applications! Due to high demand we are pausing the call for applications as we work to confirm further funding, and hope to reopen the call soon. If you would like to be kept updated please email: hwaf@thet.org and we will notify you as soon as the call reopens. Thank you!

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In April 2020 THET launched a new call for applications through the Health Worker Action Fund (HWAF), which aims to support established Health Partnerships to protect the physical and mental health of LMIC health workers who are engaged or preparing to be engaged in the frontline treatment of Covid-19. 

By doing this, health workers will also be better positioned to provide safe and effective care to patients. 

We are pleased to have awarded a number of grants through this Fund. Due to high demand we are pausing the call for applications as we work to confirm further funding, and hope to reopen the call soon. 


To be eligible you must be an established Health Partnership, that has been in receipt of THET funding since 2011, in one of the following countries: 

Ethiopia – Myanmar – Somaliland – Tanzania – Uganda – Zambia 

Please note....

Efforts are ongoing to increase the total amount of funding available. Against this backdrop, and the context of the global pandemic, the fund and associated country-eligibility, timeframes and other criteria will be adapted on an ad-hoc basis to account for changing circumstances.

The fund will, therefore, be flexible and this could also mean that applications to the fund are suspended and re-opened as and when needed. This page, and the associated application documents, are thus subject to change and the information on this page is relevant as of 20/04/2020.

Funding Available:

  • Grants are available up to a maximum of £5,000.  


Core Eligibility:

  • All those considering applying should carefully read the eligibility and funding criteria contained in the Call for Applications and Annex. 

How to Apply:

Download and read the:

The latter should be completed and submitted, along with a Memorandum of Understanding between the lead partners, in one email to HWAF@thet.org. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and, as such, are not currently subject to a deadline.   

If you have questions or difficulty downloading or accessing any of the documents listed, please email HWAF@thet.org. 


Given current priorities in the UK and LMICs for health workers to prioritise responding to the Covid-19 pandemic, and the potential time needed to support this initiative, we encourage all those thinking of applying to consider their individual and institutional capacity. We also encourage Health Partnerships to engage members of their team not currently working full-time in the NHS to support the application process, and then provide support in delivering the intervention.