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Open Call for Applications for the Health Partnership Scheme

25 August 2017



Please note the following eligibility criteria, which some may have found insufficiently clear in the previously posted Call and application documents. The documents now available for download include this clarification.

Institutional Eligibility
In order to be eligible for this grant stream, the UK institution  must be formally recognised as a health education, regulatory or healthcare delivery institution. This includes Professional Associations.

Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are not eligible to apply for this grant stream.

We acknowledge that some Health Partnerships have a charitable arm to support fund-raising activities, and these charitable entities are eligible to have a role as Managing Agent for a grant. However, the applicants must be able to show that the project will be delivered by the eligible UK and low-income country health institutions and not the NGO.

UK partners (and not an NGO) will be responsible for signing the grant contract and overall delivery and reporting of the project.

NGOs are not eligible as overseas partner institutions unless they are an overseas not-for-profit clinic or hospital.

About the call

The grants form part of the Health Partnership Scheme (HPS) which is a programme that funds health partnerships to carry out training and capacity-building projects in low and middle-income countries in Africa and Asia.  The Scheme is funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID) and managed by THET.

DFID recently granted an extension to the HPS until February 2019 to sustain partnership momentum until a decision on a potential successor programme is made.  All grants awarded under this extension period will therefore be expected to run from November 2017 to November 2018 to allow time for final reporting. The focus of the extension is on sustainability, scale-up and access. The Call will fund projects which embed health workforce capacity improvements in the health system, by attempting to make them sustainable without outside support after the project has come to an end, by scaling them up or by making them accessible to the poor, vulnerable and most marginalised groups including women, girls, and people with disabilities, and considering gender biases within the workforce.


The Call does not have a specific focus on a type of health care – primary, secondary or tertiary, however projects should consider where their intervention will achieve the intended impact, also taking into account, if relevant, public health and the role of public health workers (e.g. community health workers and volunteers). Applications must be made by established health partnerships, but previous HPS funding is not a requirement.

Grants under this Call are limited to five countries. These countries are: Ghana, Burma/Myanmar, Tanzania, Uganda or Zambia.

Exceptionally, grant applications for work in neighbouring countries (i.e. that share a border with at least one of these five countries) will be considered for this Call.  Please note that this only applies to neighbouring countries that are low-income countries and DFID priority countries. A more limited number of eligible countries for this Call is based on a smaller grants budget and a need to respond to recommendations in the HPS evaluation to limit the scope of the programme in order to strengthen health partnership coordination, lessons sharing and impact.

Funding Available and Application Criteria

Funding Available

The extension includes a grants pool of a little over £1.5m. There are two tiers of funding:

A – £15,000-£50,000

B – £50,000-£120,000

Core Eligibility

All those considering applying should carefully read the eligibility and funding criteria contained in the Call for Applications and Q&A documents as these differ from previous grant streams.

How to apply

Download the
Call for Applications – Small Grants
Call for Applications – Large Grants
Grant Application form

and Budget Template 

n.b. If you are having difficulty downloading or accessing any of the documents listed please email application@thet.org

Please also download the Q&A document for more information about the extension.

The Grant Application form and Budget template should be completed and submitted to application@thet.org by midnight 1st October 2017.

If you do not receive an acknowledgment from us within 48 hours, please assume that your application has not been received and re-submit.

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Pre-application Webinar

THET will be delivering a two one-hour webinars to run through the application process and project planning with applicants. There will be time at the end of each session for participants to ask questions about the call and the application process.

The webinar sessions will be held from 12pm to 1pm UK time on Tuesday 29th August and from 9 am to 10 am UK time on Tuesday 5th September 2017. They are designed especially for low and middle-income country partners and these times allow applicants based in different countries with different time zones to participate.

To register, please click on one of the links below or copy and paste it in your browser, according to the webinar session you’d like to attend:

The content covered at each session will be the same, and there is therefore no need to attend both.

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