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COVID-19 Response Fund

COVID-19 has had a global impact on health systems, and low- and lower-middle income countries (LMICs) have been particularly vulnerable to the shocks that the pandemic has caused.

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THET has long worked in and through partnerships to strengthen and build the resilience of LMIC health systems, supporting their readiness to respond to crises such as this. In a time of unprecedented strain on health systems we are, more than ever, aware of the value that Health Partnerships bring to the global health community. Thanks to the strong ties of trust, collegiality and professional respect built over years of partnership work, they are well-placed to ensure responses are targeted and focused on local needs.

From the Democratic Republic of Congo to Bangladesh and from Malawi to Somaliland, the COVID-19 Response Fund enabled Health Partnerships to work together to address gaps in skills and knowledge to prevent and treat COVID-19, while supporting the safety and well-being of health workers in LMICs.




Democratic Republic of Congo

UK PARTNER: King’s Global Health Partnerships

LMIC PARTNER: Provincial Health Division of Kongo Central

AIM: Strengthen the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of service providers in the management, prevention and control of COVID-19 infection in health facilities in the province of Kongo Central in the DRC.


UK PARTNER: University of Plymouth

LMIC PARTNER: University of Rwanda

AIM: To pilot a digital ‘global classroom’ between Kigali and Plymouth Universities and training hospitals for a range of shared bilateral learning, mentoring and support.


UK PARTNER: Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust

LMIC PARTNER: Gulu District Health Office Covid-19 Team, Uganda

AIM: Strengthen the psychological wellbeing in a Covid-19 context for health workers in Gulu, Northern Uganda.


UK PARTNER: King’s Global Health Partnerships

LMIC PARTNER: Hargeisa Group Hospital, Somaliland

AIM: To contribute to reduced risk of Covid-19 transmission at Hargeisa Group Hospital by strengthening triage of Covid patients and establishing an infection control programme.


UK PARTNER: The Royal College of Midwives

LMIC PARTNER: Bangladesh Midwifery Society

AIM: To provide women and adolescents girls in Bangladesh with local, acceptable and high quality access to safe sexual and reproductive health services in targeted Upazilla Health Complexes, preventing unnecessary COVID-19 transmission in areas of high risk.


UK PARTNER: Global Anaesthesia Development Partnerships

LMIC PARTNER: Society of Anaesthetists of Zambia

AIM: Healthcare workers in Zambia are provided with training delivered by physician anaesthetists in the recognition of respiratory failure and the safe use of oxygen therapy for patients with COVID-19.


UK PARTNER: Ammalife and Birmingham Women’s Hospital

LMIC PARTNER: Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital, Malawi

AIM: To reduce the direct and in-direct effect of COVID-19 on maternal health in Malawi.