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Presentations and Webinars

THET regularly organises presentations, webinars and other events in the UK and globally to foster sharing and learning among the health partnerships and other actors in global health. These initiatives aim to help health partners improve the quality of their projects and wider partnership work and to develop good practice. They also provide valuable opportunities for networking, strengthening relationships, and incite positive change and collaboration within the health partnership community.

HPSymposium Webinar

This webinar will provide an overview of key points and themes emerging from presentations and discussions at the Health Partnerships Symposium held in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, including sustainability, resilience, and leadership and management. The webinar will also include an overview of the principles of partnerships self-assessment tool, which was launched at the event.


Effective Fundraising for Health Partnerships with Jenny Fletcher

Top tips for your fundraising strategy. Learn about the ways to diversify funding for your partnership, how to make the most of your networks, and the importance of good communication


HPS Presentation Series – Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning

The third installment of our HPS Presentation Series looking at Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning in health partnerships.


HPS Presentation Series – Surgery & Anaesthesia

The first edition of our Health Partnership Scheme Presentation series looks at partnerships engaged in surgery and anesthesia work in Africa.


HPS Presentation Series – Uganda

The second episode of our Health Partnership Scheme Presentation Series looks at partnerships addressing a range of health issues in Uganda.


HPS Presentation Series – Mental Health

This webinar brings together mental health experts working in partnership to improve care in India, Tanzania and Uganda.


HPS Presentation Series – Training of Trainers

The sixth edition of our HPS presentation series looks at Training of Trainers; a model of training used in many health partnerships.


HPS Presentation Series: Long-term volunteering

Long-term volunteering and international placement contributions to health partnerships: how to make it a success


HPS Presentation Series – WHO Surgical Safety Checklist Webinar

In the fourth installment of our HPS presentation, we brought together people who have studied the successes and failures of implementation of WHO Surgical Safety Checklist, as well as those who have been involved in its implementation through their Health Partnership Scheme projects