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Furthering the Potential of Partnerships-UUKHA

This report details the Uganda UK Health Alliance programme work plan for the next year, highlighting the huge potential that Ugandan & UK health institutions can contribute towards health improvements in both countries.


Assessing the potential: Professional associations for Bio Meds

At the end of 2015, THET organised a Needs Assessment workshop in Johannesburg for Professional Associations for Bio-Medical Engineering professionals in Sub-Saharan Africa.


Training & capacity development for colposcopy & cervical pathology in Nepal

This partnership hopes to increase the number of trained colposcopists, expand the capacity of colposcopy clinics, and increase the number of trained pathologists experience in cervical histopathology, in hopes of reducing mortality rates due to cervical cancer in women in Nepal.


Lessons learned from monitoring and evaluation experiences in Zambia

For the Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain & Ireland and University Teaching Hospital, Zambia partnership, the unanticipated challenges of data collection, monitoring and evaluation proved to be a steep learning curve. We hear how the partnership resolved these problems, and the lessons they learned for the future.


Annual Review-Health Consortium of Somalia 2015

This review covers the period July 2014 to June 2015. During this period HCS has improved its overall score to A+. In the year under review, the implementing partners have exceeded most of the milestones by making steady progress and by delivering against the planned output level results.


NCDs Publications List – Ethiopia

A list of useful and interesting journal articles relating to Non-Communicable Diseases in Ethiopia.