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Medical Equipment Donations - Making it Work

The toolkit includes good practice guidance for each stage of the donation process. Also available to read online here



  • About THET and Health Partnerships
  • About medical equipment in low-resource settings
  • About medical equipment donations
  • Equipment donations globally
  • Who makes donations in the UK?
  • Legislative context for equipment donations from the UK

Section 1: Deciding whether or not to donate

  • What is needed and what can partners provide?
  • Asking the right questions
  • How can suitability of the donation be determined?
  • Considering donations of complex equipment
  • Deciding whether or not to proceed

Section 2: Planning the donation

  • Agreeing the terms of the donation
  • Developing a project plan for the donation
  • Drafting a donation agreement

Section 3: Supplying the equipment

  • Deciding where to source the medical equipment from
  • Including usage and maintenance supplies
  • Sourcing biomedical engineering tools and test equipment

Section 4: Verifying the quality & safety of the equipment

  • For equipment supplied in the UK
  • For equipment supplied in the DC

Section 5: Storing, packing & shipping the equipment

  • Storing and packing the equipment
  • Shipping Options
  • Carrying the equipment with the UK Partner on a support visit
  • Finding suitable shipping agents and customs clearing agents
  • What is the export/shipping process?

Section 6: Receiving the equipment

  • Clearing customs
  • Transporting to the DC partner
  • Receiving the equipment at the facility

Section 7: Putting the equipment into service

  • Training the equipment users
  • Training the maintenance staff
  • Using and maintaining the equipment

What next?

  • Learning from and evaluating the donation
  • Share stories of successes and challenges
  • Support biomedical engineering capacity building

Glossary of key terms


Useful resources


Appendix A: UK Medical Device Regulations and MHRA Guidance

Appendix B: Legislative Context for Pre-Owned Equipment Transfers Outside of the EU

Appendix C: To Donate or Not to Donate?

Appendix D: Overview of the Equipment Donation Process

Appendix E: Meeting the WHO’s Suitability Criteria

Appendix F: Sample Project Plan

Appendix G: Donation Agreement Template

Appendix H: Sample Letter of Waiver or Indemnity

Appendix I: Example of Clearing a Container at Mombasa Port, Kenya

Appendix J: Post-Donation Assessment Form

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